Monday, 15 March 2010

Battle Flag: First Release Of High Quality Wargame Flags And Standards

Painting a war game army is a time consuming process that requires much dedication and patience. It takes many hours and even days of precise and delicate work to create each regiment.

The singular most important figure or figures in the regiment from an aesthetic perspective are of course the standard bearers. As in real life these are the rallying point for each regiment and the most obvious figure amongst the ranks of similarly painted figures.

Frustrated with the quality of the flags generally been offered to war gamers and collectors of military miniatures I decided to create my own. Impressed with the positive feedback from local gamers I was encouraged to release the flags on general sale to the gaming community as a whole. Hence Battle Flag

The first flags to be released are for The English Civil War and The American Civil War.

With St Patrick's Day 2010 almost upon us the first release in the American Civil War range had to be The Irish Brigade.

Click Here to go to the Battle Flag Blog where you can see loads more sample flags and pictures and read about up coming releases.

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