Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Tigers Marsch!

the+generals+paintbrush+painting+service+15mm+kubelwagen+25mm+painting service+wargamer+collector+flames of war

I recently received a painting and modelling service commission for a set of models that I have wanted to do since their release earlier this year. The Tigers Marsch set replicating Wittmann and his platoon of Tigers in Normandy
is one that I have wanted an excuse to tackle for sometime.

Consisting of 5 individual models, all with different damage and setups, the kits create a highly detailed and individual platoon. Coming in the now familiar Battlefront packaging, with a dramatic representation of Wittmann leading his men into battle in the Bocage, and an internal clamshell securing the multitude of parts it is hard not to break out the glue straight away and get stuck into the assembly.

The parts are cleanly cast and full of detail. The special dice set and markers included in the set are an excellent addition and will make fielding these gems just that bit extra special. I will be ordering a set of these extremely atmospheric and evocative models for my own collection in the very near future. There is a real heft to these models and combined with their sheer size they are guaranteed to make any allied player think twice before tackling such an imposing and dangerous enemy.

The models are as usual, from Battlefronts Flames of War series, mixed media and require a certain amount of preparation and dry runs before final assembly. This is the norm for these kinds of kits, but time spent in preparation is rewarded with a set of fine set of SS Tigers.

The client requested a particular scheme that he had found on the internet. To facilitate an accurate representation of the colours in the artwork provided I have specially blended a set of bespoke colours matching as accurately as possible the artwork provided.

With all the assembly, cleaning, undercoating and colour blending done it is time to apply the base yellow. With this applied they are starting to look like SS Tigers and the moulded detail on these fine Flames of War models starts to come to life.

the+generals+paintbrush+painting+service+15mm+kubelwagen+25mm+painting service+wargamer+collector+flames of war

Wittmann's Tigers assembled and base coated

The next job will be to apply the green and brown dispersed camouflage pattern. Using an especially fine needle and nozzle in the airbrush, specifically ordered for the task, my next Blog entry will cover how this was applied prior to detailing, decaling and weathering.
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