Saturday, 19 July 2008

Painted Flames of War (FOW) 7th Armoured Division Platoon Now Available

The first Flames Of War (FOW) set painted by myself is now available as an Ebay auction with no reserve. Item number190240128378

Consisting of a full British armoured platoon of the 7th Armoured Division (The Desert Rats), three Cromwells and a Sherman Firefly. They have been airbrushed, weathered, and hand finished to the highest standard. The painted detail on the crew is as always excellent. Please email me for payment details, cheque, postal orders or PayPal accepted, and always remember I am available for commission work should you require something in particular.

Three Cromwells Front View

Cromwells Rear View

Cromwell Side

Sherman Firefly side views (note camoflage detail to main gun as per Flames of War box Art)
FireFly Front View

Flames of War M10 GMC Tank-Destroyer Platoon Construction and Review

The new M10 GMC Tank-Destroyer Platoon set from Battlefronts Flames Of War range, contains two M10 3" GMC tank destroyers, an M20 Utility vehicle and two Jeeps as well as two sets of infantry & command and assorted crew figures. The set comes neatly packaged, in the now familiar olive drab box, illustrated with actual photographs of the completed models just whet the appetite. Upon opening the packaging you will not be disappointed with the contents. Well secured in the clamshell packaging with foam separating the components as is the norm for Flames Of War sets. The white metal parts are held separately from the plastic and resin pieces. All the parts are up to the usual high standard that we have come to expect from Battlefront.

The parts display excellent detail regardless of what type of media they are moulded in. Remember these are effectively multi media kits and will require a certain level of skill, materials, equipment and time to finish properly

As always it is recommended that you check the contents (as with any model kit). Once this is done and you are satisfied that everthing is correct it is time to start.

The first thing I do with any Flames of War Model tank is remove the excess resin from the moulding lug. This varies from model to model and will require either a heavy file or relaltively course wet and dry paper (used wet) to remove.

The M10 tank destroyer set comes with battlefronts new plastic style tracks , main gun and MG. The detail on these is excellent, especially on the .50cal M2HB MG, and the representation of the vertical volute spring suspension system is more than adequate in a model of this size. I always use side clippers to remove the parts as some are rather small and can prove delicate during removal from the sprue. The plastic parts themselves have very little flash and require very little cleaning prior to assembly.

I always use a high grade cyanoacrylate for assembly and find that as long as the mating surfaces of parts are scored in a cross hatch manner to give a key that FOW models require little, if any further pinning, than is moulded into the part.

The M10 models are very straightforward and, if the parts are prepared correctly, assemble into lovely little models in a matter of minutes. In my next M10 post I will deal with the painting and airbrushing of these particular gems from the Flames of War range.

Click here for the painting of this model