Monday, 6 October 2008

Tigers Marsch! Part II

The nice thing about the Infinity airbrush from Harder and Steenbeck is that while it is a double action in the truest sense it is possible to adjust the amount of paint dispensed by adjusting the simple but effective needle adjustment lock. This ensures a very controlled flow and reduces the possibility of spoiling the work through inadvertently pulling back to hard on the trigger.

Using the supplied Tiger tank artwork as reference I applied the brown camo first and once dry the green. Care really needs to be taken at this stage get it wrong and it will simply be a case of break out the model stripper and start again. Initially the colours will look a little light in tone but this is done to allow for the filters which once applied these will darken the finish and enhance the detail to create a realistic looking model.

Flames of War Tiger 1E´s, from the "Tigers Marsch" boxed set, painted and filtered ready for detailing

Once the filters have been applied and allowed to dry thoroughly it is time to then paint the tracks and add the detail to the models, cables, tools and boxes etc. This was again done with my own blend of colour to ensure that the models comply as closely as possible with the supplied artwork. The filters have done an excellent job of weathering the Tigers and I intend to apply a minimal amount of powders etc as I do not want to overdo the wear and tear to these behemoths of the battlefield.

Next up will be the crew figures. The crew models, for me, are what make Battlefronts Flames of War models special and add that little extra character that makes these models so collectable. Spending that little bit of extra time on the uniforms and facial detail will be well rewarded and I will cover this in my next Blog entry.