Sunday, 27 July 2008

Painting the Flames of War M10 3" GMC Tank Destroyer

Having assembled the model itself you will need to wash it to remove release agents and dust. This is best done with warm soapy water and a large bristle brush. This way you can be sure that you have removed all the release agent and build up of residue and dust.

Once that is done you will need to leave the model to air dry. Resist the temptation to dry the model off with a cloth or tissue. This will only leave dust and material on the model that you will only see once you have painted the model and will spoil all the hard work. Now that the model is dry its time to undercoat. I always use black for AFVs that are dark green or grey. German tanks with a yellow or ochre base colour I tend to undercoat in white so as not to "kill" the colour.

The Flames of War M10 3" GMC Tank Destroyer Platoon preped and ready.

Now the real fun can begin and its time to break out the airbrush and paints. I use the Vallejo Model Air range as these are pre mixed and can be used in the airbrush straight from the bottle. The range of colours is excellent and the paint gives good coverage with a smooth realistic finish.

Airbrushing the M10 Tank Destroyer.

In the case of the M10 I used Olive Drab as the base colour followed by various yellows and browns to weather the paintwork. Once this has been done and left to dry I apply a filter of burnt sienna and lamp black oil paint heavily diluted with turps just to tone everything down. At this stage I apply the decals before any other weathering.

Firstly gave the model a light spray of matt varnish this protects the work already done and reduces "silvering" of the decals backing film. Decals should be applied to a model with something like Micro Set, this assures excellent adhesion and less "silvering". For heavily detailed areas and difficult shapes I use Micro Sol, this literally melts the decal down onto the model and allows the transfer to conform to the model, check out the Allied stars on the Cromwells and you will see what I mean. Terrific stuff.

The M10 undergoing final weathering.
(The Panthers in the background will be covered in a later post)

Now its time to weather up the model this is done with a variety of MIG powders and artist pencils. Remember weathering should enhance the model and the work already done, it is not an excuse to cover a sloppy paint job.

The Flames of War M10 3" Tank Destroyer. Painted and ready for play.

You can check out further pics of this model in the July gallery by clicking the link below.

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